With biodiversity under pressure in many cities, we shine a light on the challenges and opportunities for moving forward.

Biodiversity Resource Library
Finding the Nexus Exploring Climate Change Adaptation and Biodiversity (2012)
ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability explore actions that support biodiversity and climate change adaptation.
Communicating biodiversity and climate change (2017)
Ontario Biodiversity Council's guide for crafting effective messaging
The relationship between nature connectedness and happiness: a meta-analysis (2014)
A study examining the relationship between nature connectedness and happiness
Relations between naturalness and perceived restorativeness of different urban green spaces (2013)
A study revealing that the degree of "naturalness" of a green space impacts our human psychology
Psychological benefits of greenspace increase with biodiversity (2007)
The well-being benefits of nature increase as biodiversity increases
Ecosystems and Human Well-being: Biodiversity Synthesis (2005)
The World Resource Centre Millenium Ecosystem Assessment of the interconnectivity of biodiversity and human well-being
Creating better cities: how biodiversity and ecosystem functioning enhance urban residents’ wellbeing (2014)
An exploration of the importance of biodiversity and ecosystem function in urban design
Biodiversity & human health: what role for nature in healthy urban planning? (2005)
Evidence of the health benefits of urban nature and biodiversity.
Biodiversity and the Feel-Good Factor: Understanding Associations between Self-Reported Human Well-being and Species Richness (2012)
Evidence suggests that people have a positive response to increased levels of biodiversity.
Biodiversity and Health in the Face of Climate Change (2019)
How biological diversity matters to human health in the context of a changing climate
La valeur économique des écosystèmes du Mont-Kaaikop : une analyse de la contribution des écosystèmes et de la biodiversité au bien-être humain
Theory, methodology and results of a first review of ecological systems provided by biodiversity and ecosystems on the Mount-Kaaikop land in the Laurentides Region.
The Indigenous Environmental History of Toronto, ‘The Meeting Place’ (2013)
Exploring the presence of Indigenous People in Toronto
Vertebrate biodiversity on indigenous-managed lands in Australia, Brazil, and Canada equals that in protected areas (2019)
A study highlighting the value of Indigenous land management practices to biodiversity conservation
Urban awareness and attitudes toward conservation: A first look at Canada's cities (2014)
A study revealing lack of awareness of species-at-risk conservation and the need for ecoliteracy
Does Nature Need Cities? Pollinators Reveal a Role for Cities in Wildlife Conservation (2019)
The importance of urban habitat creation for wildlife conservation
The seven lamps of planning for biodiversity in the city (2018)
Ecological principles to conserve and increase urban biodiversity
The Nature of Mainstreaming: A local integrated planning toolkit for biodiversity and ecosystem services (2012)
ICLEI Cities Biodiversity Center's guide to coordinating local action on biodiversity
Outstanding challenges for urban conservation research and action (2014)
An argument to increase the quality of existing urban green spaces
Key insights for the future of urban ecosystem services research (2016)
Nature-based solutions to emerging urban environmental challenges.
Ecosystem services in urban areas (1999)
An study of urban ecosystem provision and its importance to planning
Living Planet Report Card Canada: A national look at wildlife loss (2017)
World Wild Life Fund's review of Canada's Widlife loss
BiodiverCITIES: A Primer on Nature in Cities (2014)
Exploring the role of municipalities in stewarding urban biodiversity
La biodiversité et l’urbanisation, Guide de bonnes pratiques sur la planification territoriale et le développement durable
Planning strategies helping to increase biodiversity in urban areas and increase the ecological services provided.
Un outil pour permettre aux organisations de comprendre leurs interdépendances avec les services écosytémiques
A referencial tool promoting and facilitating biodiveristy and ecological services integration in daily corporate operations.
Plan Biodiversité de l'Université de Montréal
A 9 point 2012-2020 Biodiversity Plan
Aménager des ilots de fraîcheur et améliorer les espaces de vie
Made by Centre d'écologie urbaine in collaboration with Office municipal habitation de Montréal (OMHM), this guide showcase examples and technics used for greening projects.
Capital naturel — La valeur économique de la trame verte de la Commission de la capitale nationale
A study of the overall economic strenght of NCC Greenbelt natural capital.
La valeur économique de la Ceinture et trame bleue du Grand Montréal
A study of the economical benefits of the Montreal Blue Belt water ecosystem on communities' quality of life.
Repenser le reboisement: Guide stratéquie pour l'augmentation de la canopée et de la résilience de la foret urbaine de la région métropolitaine de Montréal
A guide to optimizing tree planting management to achieve biodiversity, resilient, and cost-effective goals for ecosystem services.
La conservation du papillon monarque en milieu urbain au Canada
A guide to help the preservation of monarchs in your city.
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